02 / 02 / 2019

I'm truly Grateful

"I had an old hard drive with Bitcoin onit that i mined years ago. Unfortunately when I tried to get it to get it upand running again the data was corrupted. Cryptorecovery helped me to recover the bitcoini had on it after i thought it was was a lost caus. My old investment paid off big time and i was able to reapth rewards thanks to the professionals at Cryptorecovery."

Jim White New York
25 / 09 / 2019

I Doubted but it turned out real

"I have my fair share of doubt about bitcoin recovery. i hired a few hackers claiming to be experts in bitcoin recovery and i almost loast hope as i kept losing more money. finally decidedto give it my last trial wuth Cryptorecovery hack and they pulled it off for this im grateful to Cryptorecovery. "

Maria Smith San Fancisco
10 / 06 / 2018

They Deliver!!!

"we enlisted the services of Cryptorecovery hack alter losing huge funds to binary scam. Our attempts to recover these perticular balances yeilded no results and having researched funds recovery services online Cryptorecovery Hack website was the most approachable, clearly presented one. after a quick consultation with their very helpful staff, i was assigned me of their Top Recovery Specialist. Within a short period of time funds were recovered. We look forward to having a long business relationship with Cryptorecovery hack and feel we can rely on them getting fair, considered results."

Austin Davies Florida
26 / 07 / 2018

They fight the good fight

"Cryptorecovery Hack recovery service has been a great help to me. I was able to recover the bitcoin i sent to a scam cryptocurrency broker with the help of the recovery specialist assigned to me. "

Morris Youngbauer California
11 / 03 / 2017

Fraud Antagonist for the win!

"I received an unexpected call about an investment opportunity. The cold-callers sounded very professional and seemed to have excellent knowledge of investment matters. They answered all of my questions and their initial contact was followed up with calls from ‘senior advisors’."
"I was having a hard time financially and I decided to explore this new investment opportunity. I did not think about discussing the investment opportunities with anyone else."
"I made a number of transfers to the ‘investment professionals’, initially starting with $10 000. I was referred to a very professional looking website and set up a login account, which showed my money increasing in value as the market ‘went up’.i remember being so excited and Confident that the system was working, I invested more money, to a total of $150,000."
"I only realised that the investment scheme was a scam when the website went down and he could no longer access his account or contact the offshore group by phone."
"I then did some research and discovered the company was fake and not registered with the Australian Securities Investment Commission (ASIC) but I was too embarrassed to tell anyone or report it to police. I was contacted by police after they discovered my name on bank transfers made to known fraudsters."
"Since learning of the scam, I was again contacted by criminals, with offers to help me get my money back from the original investment. This time I contacted police, who explained this was a ‘follow up scam’ and warned me to expect more calls like this as my name was most likely passed on to other criminals. Fraud Antagonist wasn’t the case as a friend of mine reffered me to them assuring me of their honestly huge success rate. They handled my case so efficiently."

Austin Davies Australia
6 / 12 / 2017

It took a while, victory at last

"My brother was contacted by a person on Facebook who claimed to be in the US military in Afghanistan. After convincing him to send iTunes cards, the person told him he would come see him and marry him. Soon after, he was delayed for another ‘special mission’. Excuse after excuse why he could not return home, eventually, he was in a country by the name of Togo in Africa and out of the military but could not come home. He had gold he wanted to send back (for some reason), which was given to him by saving a Middle Eastern man’s life. The gold was seized and he was placed in jail and pleaded for $8000 US dollars to get out. Then he said the church would put up half the money if he could send $4500. My brother is still struggling with the fact this is a scam and wants to send him more money, but we keep telling him this is a scam. I did some research to get a trustworthy recovery firm to get back our funds, and fraud Antagonist did that so swiftly and professionally. "

Morris Youngbauer California
5 / 8 / 2016

No doubts they are legit

"I received an SMS informing me that my mobile number was being ported to a different network provider. As I had not authorised this, I contacted my mobile provider to find out why my number was being ported. I immediately realised what was going on and phoned my bank. While on the phone, I tried logging in to my internet banking, but to no avail. As I was talking to the bank, I started receiving emails about my personal details being changed and the PIN to the credit card being changed."

Austin Davies Florida
26 / 01 / 2016

No Regrets best recovery experts ever

"I ordered this credit card two weeks ago. It was supposed to be delivered to my address, but I have not received the card to date. I told the consultant that my credit card just got activated and that the PIN had been changed. The consultant started blocking my accounts and cards. However, the following day when I went to the bank, they realised that the fraudster managed to lift the block, and maxed out my credit card. The fraudsters have stolen my identity to create a new mobile account at the different network provider, hacked my internet banking account, and stolen funds.
I lost $12,000 in a blink of an eye. I started researching how I could get back my money. Fraud Antagonist helped me recover the money while the banks kept telling me there was no way to get back my money. I am entirely grateful to fraud Antagonist for their help Thank God for Fraud Antagonist, they really did a great job with me."

Andrew Bach Denmark
18 / 06 / 2016

All Thanks

"I received a glossy brochure promoting the benefits of investing in the sporting industry using gambling software. There were plenty of facts and figures showing high returns and photos of people enjoying the high life at glamorous sporting events. The software is designed to predict wins and losses of particular sporting events so that investors can make regular bets based on ‘industry knowledge’. All i had to do was buy the software, outlay $20 000 and follow the program."
‘After several days of badgering I submitted to the upgrade. Over time, I kept losing money in my betting account and I had to top it up for them to keep betting.’ After many more calls to the helpline, they would no longer return my phone calls. ‘But then I was contacted by Johnny, who rang and said if I could invest more funds to bring it up to $70 000, the company would invest $30 000 to make it $100,000. I hesitated and started researching about the company then I discovered I was been scammed. I contacted Fraud Antagonist and I was shocked with the way they render their services. I got my money back in no time

Jack Raymond Los Angeles
26 / 02 / 2015

Fraud Antagonist did a great job in getting back my bitcoin.

"Thank you fraud Antagonist for finally putting a smile on my face I will forever be grateful to Fraud Antagonist for their services. Very fast and reliable. Thank you all for the integrity displayed and putting up with me and sending me constant reminders to assure me that my funds will be recovered. Without your persistence, I would have never retrieved my lost funds. I had no idea I could recover my lost funds. Fraud Antagonist did all the work and I am just happy they came through for me. "

Donna Westlake Miami